Liz, Moore

Unseen World


Boston, USA 1980: Ada Sibelius is twelve-years old and lives with her father David, a computer science Professor who is one of the most highly regarded academics in his field. Ada is home-schooled: surrounded by her father’s colleagues in the lab, her days are spent with brilliant minds, her childhood idiosyncratic yet idyllic. That is until David begins to forget things. At first he can’t remember the punchlines to his favourite jokes but soon he is disappearing from home for days on end with no memory of how he spent his time.

Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Ada’s close bond with her father is shattered within an instant and she must navigate her teenage years without her father’s guidance. When David leaves a floppy disk for his beloved daughter, Ada has no idea that the coding within it holds the key to his past life. It was a life that he refused to talk about. It’s a life that Ada will spend years piecing back together, rebuilding the father she lost.


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