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Lets Sign Pocket Dictionary: BSL Concise Beginners Guide


A British Sign Language (BSL) compact reference book containing over 1,000 sign illustrations extracted from our large A4 format LET’S SIGN Dictionary Everyday BSL for Learners – for easy use anywhere.

The signs are accompanied by written descriptions of handshapes, movements, context and variations. Face and body language are also illustrated and explained. Signs included are relevant for baby and early years, special needs, school and work settings and beginner’s sign language courses. This book provides a core vocabulary that is essential to all with 2400 word index. A clear concise introduction for beginners. It also provides alphabetically arranged vocabulary, Right and Left-handed Fingerspelling Alphabets and the American One-Handed Fingerspelling Alphabet.

Numbers, Days and Months are grouped on separate pages for easy reference. This book is produced by Deaf and hearing professionals with many years experience of the British Deaf community and education.


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