Haft, Jeremy

All the tea in China


A pioneer shares the secrets to creating jobs and reaping profits doing business with China

Is China a threat to America’s economic future? Just the opposite, says international businessman Jeremy Haft. China is a boon for business: the opportunity of a lifetime to create jobs, build value, and make money. All the Tea in China demonstrates America’s overwhelming competitive advantage over China in the global economy. And it highlights the many market opportunities for companies of all sizes, in all sectors. China is far and away the fastest growing market for U.S. goods and services in the world.

Despite the good news, China remains one of the most challenging operating environments, and it’s easy to make costly mistakes. Haft demonstrates how to avoid the pitfalls, providing an industry-by-industry guide to buying from, selling to, and competing with the Chinese.

The book is also filled with funny stories of Haft’s hard-won lessons as a China business pioneer. It’s the most engaging, useful book yet on this important subject.


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