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Agnes Merriweather


In the spirit of the novels of Jane Austen comes a story of self-discovery, friendship, and love.

Agnes Merriweather was born to wealth and privilege, but at the age of three and twenty, after her father squandered his fortune and she is left without the protection of her wealthy aunt, she must begin a new life. Necessity requires her to go and live with her brother, a gentleman of reduced means, in the small Derbyshire village of Kympton. Accustomed to a life of comfort and a society of elegance, Agnes feels trapped in the small, unvarying confines of life in her brother’s modest country cottage, whilst fearing that her prospects for making a successful marriage have entirely vanished, to say nothing of her chances of finding love.

Clever and accomplished, Agnes struggles to engage her lively mind and to quench her restless spirit. But new friendships and the arrival of an enigmatic gentleman teach her to set aside her prejudices and to open her mind to unexpected possibilities that will lead her to find happiness and fulfillment on her own terms.


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