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What Women Want


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THE MAN’S ULTIMATE GUIDE TO DATING, SEX, AND MARRIAGE This book builds a bridge of understanding across the great divide that separates the sexes, providing candid information guaranteed to restore pleasure, peace, trust, and simple enjoyment to the life you share with the woman you love. Drawing on the startling confessions of more than 2,000 women interviewed especially for this book, What Women Want reveals the gritty, intimate truth as women see it. Inside is everything you need to know about: The Dating Game The twelve commandments for the first date. Who does the asking? Getting physical. Playing or getting serious.
The Lover She Wants Setting the mood. Getting to yes. What turns her on. How she reaches satisfaction. Definite turn-offs.
The Husband She Loves Advanced romance. Intimate communication- what women say they want and what they really want. Learning to listen.
A Hassle-Free Home Why fights always begin in the kitchen. Divvying up the drudge work. Guilt-free guy time.
Going for the Golden What makes marriage sweet enough to last? Frank, funny, and truly definitive, What Women Want is the nuts-and-bolts guide that guarantees to rev up your sex life-and make your whole life as enjoyable as you always hoped it could be.

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