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The Thinking Man’s Guide to Golf : The Common-sense Way to Improve your Game



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Colin Montgomerie has always said that he could save an amateur golfer five or six shots a round if he were able to caddie for them; and that is what he sets out to achieve within the pages of his first instructional book. The seven-time European Tour No. 1 is one of the world’s most accomplished golfers and in The Thinking Man’s Guide to Golf he uses his own unique common-sense approach in an effort to shave shots from your score. Monty gets right back to basics — with sections on choosing the right equipment, methods of fitness and practice, and the grip — and moves on from there to discuss all aspects of the Royal & Ancient game, including: The four key swing thoughts that have made Monty the golfer he is. How to cure your slice or hook. Why using a belly putter maximises your chances of holing more putts. How to hit the speciality shots that make the top Tour professionals so deadly around the greens. The secrets needed to master the art of links golf — something close to Monty’s heart. The fitness regime that has saved Colin Montgomerie’s career.
And within the extended section on golf course tactics Monty strips the game of all its unnecessary complications in an effort to make the game more enjoyable for all. He also appreciates that the average amateur cannot spend as much time practising as the Tour professionals, which is why he puts so much emphasis on how to improve your scores without altering your swing. The advice is simple, and is presented in a clear and concise manner. It is the sort of thing that golfers of all standards can learn from. And it has also been proved to work.

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