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The Olive Oil Companion


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Olive oil has always featured heavily in Mediterranean cuisine and has now become a popular and healthy choice around the world. This guide opens with a comprehensive introduction which covers all aspects of olive oil production, describing cultivation, harvesting and pressing techniques. The differences between extra-virign and virgin olive oil are explained, as are the characteristics of the different varieties of olive that are grown. Myths surrounding the use of olive oil for cooking are dispelled, and important implications for a healthy diet are touched upon. The directory, which forms the main part of the book, features over 100 oils, in each case looking at the history of the brand, its founders and its distinguishing taste. There is information on the land that the olives are grown on and how they are picked, together with unique characteristics about the oil-making process. At-a-glance information is provided on specific growing area, annual produce, quality and other products available. Recipes from the producers themselves offer an insight as to how they like to use their oil.

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