The longest road



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Clare wishes her cousin Donald wasn’t such a lazy good-for-nothing but is unable to recognize her own role as his enabler or to move beyond her own grief at the death of her fiancé, preferring instead to drift along from day to day in rural Kent. Lacking the funds to make the extensive repairs required on her home, she reluctantly arranges to sell Merle Place but finds her decision unpopular in several quarters. When her London editor discloses that she has received an inquiry as to whether Clare, already the author of romantic serials for the Ladies’ Own Journal, would be willing to consider writing a novel for a rival publishing house, it seems the answer to Clare’s prayers , especially when she meets Steven Flint and is immediately charmed by him — and he with her. Oldfield’s newest historical novel, set in 1920, is not up to her usual standard, but loyal readers will still want to read it.

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