The Horizon history of Africa Vol 1 & 2

Special edition


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Introduction: The Emergence of African History by Philip D. Curtin;

Volume I

1. African Beginnings by J. Desmond Clark;

2. Civilizations of the Nile by Margaret Shinnie;

3. The Barbary Coast by Stuart Schaar;

4. The Spread of Islam by John Ralph Ellis;

5. Kingdoms of West Africa by A. Adu Boahen;

6. The Niger to the Nile by Basil Davidson;

Volume II:

7. Inner Africa by Jan Vansina;

8. The Coming of the Europeans by A. Adu Boahen;

9. Time of Troubles by John Henrik Clarke;

10. Wars of Resistance by Stanlake Samkange;

11. Under Colonial Rule by George Shepperson;

12. Africa For the Africans by Immanuel Wallerstein; recommended reading, acknowledgments, and index.

Includes color and b&w illustrations throughout.

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Alvin M. Josephy, Jr.


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