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The Fuse Volume 2: Gridlock



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Klementina Ristovych and Ralph Dietrich are Homicide detectives on
`The Fuse’, a five-mile-long solar energy platform orbiting above
the earth that’s also home to Midway City, population half-a-million.
Ristovych should have retired years ago; Dietrich is the first cop to actually
volunteer for MCPD Homicide in its entire history. Their first case together was
bumpy, and Ralph was even revealed to be hiding a dark secret from his partner.
Now they’re investigating the death of a `Gridlocker’,
adrenaline junkies who race stripped down maglev scooters across the
Fuse’s mile-wide solar dishes through the cold vacuum of space. It’s
a case that will take them to the literal depths of Midway, and into the dark
underbellies of drug smuggling and terrorism in outer space.

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