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Suicide Squad Vol. 3 : Death Is For Suckers (The New 52)



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The Suicide Squad returns with an action packed tie-in to the Batman “Death
of the Family” story! As the Suicide Squad closes in on Basilisk leader Regulus,
Deadshot and Harley discover multiple Basilisk sleeper agents within their
ranks. Regulus makes one final, desparate gamble to save himself by controlling
Harley’s mind, but Deadshot makes the ultimate sacrifice for his teammate.
Harley’s lost “love” the Joker casts a poisonous rain over Deadshot’s funeral,
leaving only Harley conscious to face the Clown Prince of Crime. Angered and
unable to trust Harley because of her relationship with Deadshot, the Joker
tests Harley’s loyalty, a test which may cost both of them their lives!
Collects Suicide Squad issues #14-19

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