Wilfried Feldenkirchen

Siemens From Workshop To Global Player


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The name Siemens has been synonymous wirh electricity for more than 150 years. The company has had an international scope of operations for almost the same period of time. Indeed, it was a global player long before globalization became a fashionable term. Wilfried Feldenkirchen has undertaken to record its story, starting from the dominating figure of Werner von Siemens. But Feldenkirchen is not merely interested in illustrating the history of technology and its significance for the people of the 19th and 20th centuries. Rather, he has succeeded in revealing the path taken by industrializarion in Europe which went hand in hand with the spread of electricity and the development of communications technology, to name only two examples. Throughout, he takes the general history of this long period as his background, bringing out the links which stretch across from social and economic history to general history, wars and revolutions, social changes and economic cycles. This was the stage on which Siemens had to act. Wilfried Feldenkirchen thus paints an overall picture of a very special character; much more than a detailed description, this book invites the reader to browse through its pages.

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