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Rome: Art and Architecture


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Rome: Art & Architecture unfolds the magnificent panorama of the Eternal City, long recognized as the cultural capital of Europe, before the readers’ eyes. Even into the twentieth century, artists from every corner of the globe were magically drawn to Rome, which served as their model and inspiration. The great epochs of occidental art are introduced, with the myriad master- pieces that have been created here serving as illus-trations. The city is home to an inexhaustible supply of treasures from every area of the fine arts. Readers can follow the development of Rome and its artworks throughout the centuries; indeed, the course of Western civilization is reflected in the history of this monumental city.
For this book, editor Marco Bussagli gathered a group of renowned archaeologists and art historians to author various sections. Taken as a whole, their contributions allow the reader to take part in the complex changes in the realm of fine arts, architecture, and the development of this unique city.

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