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Peter Cook: So Farewell Then


Caustic and cruel but effortlessly witty, Peter Cook was one of the most significant influences on British comedy in the last half-century as well as one of the prime architects of the satire boom of the 1960s. He achieved fame through the comedy sketch show Not Only But Also, where he starred alongside Dudley Moore. While the responsibility of being regarded as a comic guru could have weighed heavily upon his shoulders, the one thing Peter always refused adamantly was to take himself or his career seriously. Wendy E. Cook met Peter in the early 1960s; they soon married, and they lived together during the most explosive time in Peter’s amazing career. But as Peter fell deeper into drinking, Wendy eventually moved away with their children, and later divorced her husband. Now, more than 30 years after their separation and more than a decade after his death, Wendy has broken her long silence. This is her take on the Peter Cook few have seen, and the life of one of Britain’s most noted comedic geniuses.

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