Alexis, de, Tocqueville

Old Regime and the French Revolution


The most important contribution to our understanding of French Revolution was written almost one hundred years ago by Alexis de Tocqueville, who is recognized today as one of the greatest political thinkers of the nineteenth century. The Old Regime and the French Revolution brilliantly and searchingly examines the nature of French society in the years before the Revolution. Why did the Revolution break out? Was it inevitable, and if so, why? How was France really changed by the Revolution? Why did the intellectuals become the enemies of the old French state and society? Why was the French nobility so estranged from the French people? Why, in short, were Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette doomed to the guillotines of the Revolution? In this work, Tocqueville examines these and many other questions and in large measure succeeds in answering them.


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