Gerald Seymour

Home Run


No one knows better than Matthew Furniss the dangers of espionage in the Middle East. For two decades, spanning the Shah’s rule and the regime of Ayatollah Khomeini, he has run the British agents in Iran. The Islamic Revolution and its aftermath decimated his network of agents and destroyed many of his closest friends. Furniss is ordered to the Middle East to fortify his remaining agents and stimulate a much needed flow of information.

Meanwhile Iranian exile Charlie Eshraq, obsessively pursuing the extermination of those responsible for the deaths of his father and sister, smuggles into Britain raw intelligence for Furniss – and heroin to finance his revenge. When a cabinet minister’s daughter dies of an overdose, David Park, head of the Customs ‘April’ team, is charged with hunting down the supplier…and runs into obstruction from Intelligence who must protect their agents. The clash of wills in London, and Furniss’s fateful, dangerous journey into Iran build up to a harrowing climax that confirms Gerald Seymour’s position in the top rank of thriller writers.


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