Karin Muller

Hitch-hiking Vietnam : A Woman’s Solo Journey in an Elusive Land


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Imagine being a twenty-eight-year-old single woman, working your way up the management consulting ladder, with your own expense account a fancy gym membership and salary to spare. Now imagine throwing it all away to Hitchhike a country under the iron fist of communism with a dubious grip on the language, accompanied by a colorful and sometimes frightening menagerie of characters, human and otherwise, and carrying an illegal video camera in your backpack. That’s exactly what Karin Muller did.At Globe Pequot, we specialize in travel guides, not travelogs. But every once in a while, we come across a tale so wonderful, we just can’t walk away. It happened with Size of the Worlds. It’s happened again with Hitchhiking Vietnam. What we love about this book is not just the adventure, the culture, the incredible vistas it opens up in our minds’ eyes, but the grace, wit, and style with which Karin tells her story. Millions of PBS fans already agree!You will absolutely fall in love with Karin Muller. We did!

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