Eleanor Atkinson

Greyfriars Bobby


Shaggy-haired and boisterous, Greyfriars Bobby is a ‘merry little muffin of a terrier’ inseperable from his owner, Auld Jock, a simple, kind hearted shepherd. When Auld Jock dies, worn out by too many cold winters, Bobby is heartbroken.
Dogs are banned from the kirkyard but ever courageous and resourceful, Bobby determines to win over the dour caretaker Mr. Brown and achieve his heartfelt desire of lying on Auld Jock’s grave. Many adventures follow and there are numerous obstacles to be overcome, yet Bobby never fails to keep his vigil on his beloved master’s grave. Based on a true account, Greyfriars Bobby was written for adults but is equally popular with children, its warmth and universal appeal making it one of the best-loved of animal stories.


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