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Dok Mai Thai: The Flower Culture of Thailand


Flowers, the most delicate, beautiful, natural creations are also a source of deep fascination and spiritual refreshment. Indeed, the degree of artistry applied in floral displays is a good measurement of a nation’s cultural depth and sophistication; it takes skilled craftsmanship to add artistic value to such natural beauty. Dating back to ancient times, there is a rich flower arranging tradition in Thailand; floral art is an integral part of birth celebrations, royal feasts, and cremations and other religious ceremonies. Thai flower culture has been passed on from one generation to the next since time immemorial. Dok Mai Thai: The Flower Culture of Thailand was consequently created in honour of HM Queen Sirikit, who, through her royal duties, has long played a significant role in the preservation and development of Thai arts, craft and culture. Dok Mai Thai also celebrates the auspicious occasion of the Queen’s 77th birthday in August 2009.


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