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Celebrity Service : Discover the Gap in Your Service You Never Knew Existed


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Discover the gap in your service you never knew existed. You think you deliver great service, but then a celebrity walked in…and everything changed! Celebrity Service is a fresh way to look, think and act on upgrading every aspect of your customer service, enabling you become memorable in the eyes of your customers. In this book you will discover the key elements of the ‘Celebrity Customer Service’ philosophy including; Consistency, Excitement, Love, Engagement, Bravado, Response, Independence, Thank You and You Your Team. However, behind each of these elements the book will reveal the people and brands from all over the world who have delivered customer service like no-one else! Stories from the cabin crew who give away prizes over the skies of Zimbabwe to a restaurant in Philadelphia who deliver knockout service every night. And not forgetting an amazing bike store in Edinburgh that serves while they sleep or the brilliant customer service message from a BMW garage that will have you itching to use in your own business. Inside this book you will find one or two ideas to set you, your team and your business apart in your industry. WARNING: Your customers will love you. Your competition will not.

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