Curated: Lasāmviela

Dear reader,

Here you find us at a bookshop in a quiet corner of Riga. We have traveled from different corners in Europe, which carry a similar type of mysterious feel. Books won’t be understood until they are opened. The stories won’t really live until they are read. We are here to encourage you to participate in this great adventure of empathy. Pick one up along with our postcard from the photographer Ieva Lasmane, whose works represent the sort of peaceful solitude that one might find themselves in while abandoning reality.

Lasāmviela was founded during a period of seclusion. It has provided us and our community to appreciate the beauty of thought, conversation and intimacy. We source our books in second-hand shops all over London (and elsewhere too, if lucky), and thereafter send them here to assist the creation of an environment where world literature is readily available in Latvia. We invite you to participate and be part of this community.

With all our love,

(Instagram @lasamviela)

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Showing all 2 results